• Increase curl pattern

    If you have loose curly hair- apply a dime size of curl Enhancing serum to wet hair.
  • Kill the Frizz

    Keeping naturally  hair curly- loosening kinky curly hair while accenting the curl and keeping it from swelling while it dries…Simply apply a dime size to quarter size of Leave in Detangler and a dime size to quarter of Aloe silk to wet hair. Begin to create curly twist with your fingers and let air dry. Your hair will not frizz or swell as it dries and it will also have a nice natural luster an feel soft.
  • Weave maintenance package

    Fuse leave in detangles without residue, and deodorizes odors like smoke. Regrowth to strengthen and increase growth. Dat Chill to remove the dry scalp, cools and numbs irritation, and kills bacteria.
  • Curly Puffy Weave

    Simply apply a dime size to wet hair and big puffy hair shrinks in to beautiful tightened curl patterns.

  • Loc and Twist Gel

    Each section before apply Loc and Twist must be misted with water so that it does not stick to fingers. To Loc soft hair add a cocktail of Curl Enhancing serum and Loc and Twist gel.



We have special products for men and women…

  • Barber Products
  • Relaxers
  • Styling aids and conditioning treatments
  • Shampoos and Conditioners

From Guy Haley- Our History

BeFunky_1016710_10200567715218542_95059255_nWe are a leading company with the focus based on moisture  balance , strength repair, and the weather challenging  humidity. With the challenge accepted and achieved Fe’nomenaal was founded .  Established in 2011 Fe’nomenaal  hair care products was created by Guy Clement Halley a highly talented  multicultural stylist.   With his 19yrs of experience as a stylist and educator and the 40 years of experience  of our award winning chemist Fe’nomenaal hair care products was created. Fe’nomenaal’s has been a company that understands, both the hairstylist and their clients goals and dreams.   Our products maintain the perfect balance of moisture and, amino acids to transform your hair to a healthy silky finish. Our salon partners excel  with the ever changing styling trends  while maintaining healthy hair. Fe’nomenaal retail allows our salon partner’s clients to maintain the fabulous healthy results achieved in the salon.

Fe’Nomenaal By The Narrators